Kabateck Strategies

What a Difference a Year Makes!

It was on March 4 of last year when Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an official proclamation declaring a State of Emergency to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been a tumultuous year unlike any other for Kabateck Strategies clients and all Californians — one, we hope none of us will ever have to live through again.

Most restaurants in the state are still unable to let patrons eat inside their establishments. Many small businesses continue to struggle because they’re not considered “essential” enough, and thus remain closed to customers.

Technology companies are leaving the Golden State in droves trying to escape the rise in egregious regulations and taxation, leaving many wondering how that will affect the mom-and-pop enterprises that did business with them, not to mention the myriad state and local education, health and social programs that rely on tax revenue that comes from many of these high-earning job creators.

Fortunately, construction was deemed essential early on, but the new safety regulations and social distance guidelines have challenged many contractors to meet deadlines on projects in an industry that was already understaffed before the pandemic hit.

Through it all, Kabateck Strategies, following the lead of its clients, continued fighting the good fight. Last year we beat back attempts to cripple the Prop. 13 property tax protections put in place 40 years prior and another ballot measure that would have replaced our criminal bail system with a computer algorithm formula. Legislatively, we’re particularly proud of our help in arresting the spread of Project Labor Agreements designed to be a barrier to 80% of construction industry workers who prefer to be their own bosses.

Since then, we have been working to give businesses liability protection against unfair COVID lawsuits, fighting to have PPP loans free of state taxation just as they are on federal taxes, and combatting wasteful spending on such boondoggles as a $1 billion-plus State Capitol “beautification project.”

We are proud to have clients and partners who embody the very best can-do traits of Americans. Thanks to our Kabateck Strategies clients who have proven shining examples of courage and perseverance and allowed us to support their – and the Golden State’s — success during this crisis. Together we will not only endure but also prevail.