No on Prop 15 Ads Launched

by Kabateck Strategies
1 month ago

Election Day is in sight, and the first in a series of ads were released that show the truth about Proposition 15 — that every Californian will pay for the $11.5 billion tax hike.

With small businesses closing and unemployment at near-record levels, now is not the time to raise taxes and increase the cost of living even more.

The public employee unions supporting Proposition 15 have even admitted this is the first step in their plan to end Proposition 13 for all Californians—including homeowners. Proposition 13 is the last taxpayer protection that all Californians have as our cost of living continues to increase. Together, we can protect Proposition 13 for future generations by defeating Proposition 15.

“Barbershop Closed”

“Wrong Time”

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