First Anniversary for Kabateck Strategies

John Kabateck, President of Kabateck Strategies, is proud to announce the one-year anniversary of his firm, Kabateck Strategies.

No other firm has the experience and capability to open the right doors for clients of all sizes and mobilize the best “voices” that matter most – small businesses, working families, local leaders and countless others in our community.

John has enjoyed more than 25 years of leadership with top statewide business organizations, two California Governors, the legislature and global public affairs firms – and he and his team are helping clients get the positioning and relationships they need for successful campaigns, projects and results.

“I started Kabateck Strategies to give a voice to people who aren’t being heard and in many ways are shut out of the process – in city halls, the State Capitol, media and among decision makers at every level,” said Kabateck. “We focus on making sure our clients and real people are both heard and involved — early, locally and strategically –so they are front and center and win the day.”

What Kabateck Strategies offers our Client Partners:

  • “Velvet Glove” Coalition Development and Grassroots Mobilization – mobilizing the masses is busy work that takes time, precision and attention – but pays enormous dividends. Kabateck Strategies has the most comprehensive network to meet your every need – small businesses, local officials, agriculture, veterans, health care, public safety and other key stakeholders, and more!
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Expertise – Kabateck Strategies has collaborated with Advocacy.Marketing to provide our clients state-of-the-art digital marketing, social media and web development expertise to swiftly and effectively identify and target the right audiences for the right needs.
  • Winning Communications and Positioning Strategies – Kabateck Strategies has helped our clients develop winning messages and game plans to “shine a bright light” on the central issues and themes that matter most with broadcast, print and other media outlets and professionals.

Kabateck Victory: When state leaders were considering a costly energy regulation that would have devastated small businesses, schools and communities, Kabateck Strategies mobilized hundreds of grassroots “voices” that were heard by policymakers – in their districts, local media outlets and in Capitol committee rooms. The result: state leaders, claiming they had heard loud and clear from constituents, changed the legislation to remove this bad and onerous regulation. 

Let Kabateck Strategies help you

John and the Kabateck Strategies team are ready to help you with your positioning and public affairs needs just as they have succeeded on behalf of leading organizations and companies in the Golden State:

  • Statewide Business, Economic & Trade Associations
  • Businesses and Companies of All Sizes – from “mom and pop” small businesses to the Fortune 500’s
  • Leading Government Affairs, Public Affairs and Marketing Firms

Contact information:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (916) 956-9027